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The aims of the conference under the title “Bartók's Orbit,” held at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest between March 22 and 24, 2006 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Béla Bartók's birth, were not modest. Its main purpose was to reexamine Bartók's place and significance in the history of twentieth-century music. Paper proposals were selected by a committee. Sixty contributors coming from twenty-one countries (including Hongkong, Russia, a number of European countries and the United States) were finally accepted. Official languages of the international conference were English, French and German. The main topics of the sessions were the following: Interpreting the stage works, New approaches to Bartók's style, Reconsidering Bartók's folklorism, The absorption of influences in Bartók's works, Bartók reception. The Introduction - based on the original call for papers and the opening address read at the first session of the conference - explains that the main aim of the conference was to reevaluate Bartók's international significance. Apart from revisiting key issues, the papers also drew on a number of less well-known sources thereby responding to the organizers' wish to reveal some of the more hidden connections of Bartók's music to the music of others especially for whom he was, or still remains, a very personal experience. The Introduction finally also considers the inspiration behind the title, “Bartók's Orbit,” an astronomical term that can mean a planet's path as well as its sphere of influence.

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