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  • 1 Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry (RISSAC) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences H-1022 Budapest 15 Herman Ottó Str. Hungary
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The aim of the present study was to establish whether the 1 M NH 4 NO 3 extraction is a suitable method for determining the background concentrations of mobile element fractions in soils and for describing the relations among mobile element fractions and soil properties. The 1 M NH 4 NO 3 extraction resulted As, Cr and Pb concentrations below the detection limit in 90% of the investigated soils. This shows that the mobile element content determined simply in 1 M NH 4 NO 3 solution is probably inadequate for the determination of the mobile background concentrations of these elements. Therefore, in the risk assessment of soil contamination other soil properties and element fractions – like “total” (cc. HNO 3 +H 2 O 2 soluble) – should also be taken into consideration. The mobile Al concentration increased exponentially below pH 4. No correlation was found among 1 M NH 4 NO 3 soluble mobile As, Cr, Cu and Pb element concentrations and any investigated soil property. Mobile Co, Mn, Al, Ni and Zn concentrations were determined mainly by soil pH. Soil colloid content correlated particularly with mobile Sr and B contents.

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