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Fishing-ground landmarks (Fischwassergrenzsteine = FWGS) illustrated by some objects from the Eferding Basin area in Upper Austria . The following discussion is based on three FWGSs found on the river-banks of the Upper Austrian Danube. Setting and marking the limits for fishing-grounds as such was in practice for centuries. There were many reasons to determine the business, but the principal factor was the specific environment-bound water current. Two of the marking stones presented belong to the category of topographic “conspicuity”. In this case conspicuous natural stones either in the river-bed or on the river-bank were used as a mark. The third type of “memorial” was a handmade marking stone.All three objects ought to be directly considered within the history of “professional fishing”, my present special field of study. On the one hand, the fishers marked out their grounds, on the other hand, the marking consequently also led to frequent arguments. That is why the student gains valuable information from the respective legal documents in the archives concerning persons, fishing tools, water condition, and catch.

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