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  • 1 Himachal Pradesh University Department of Biotechnology Shimla 171 005 India
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The free and agar immobilized cells of Nocardia globerula NHB-2 having nitrilase (EC activity were used to catalyse the transformation of benzonitrile to benzoic acid. The whole cells of N. globerula NHB-2 were immobilized in agar which exhibited maximum conversion of benzonitrile to benzoic acid in 0.1 M potassium phosphate buffer pH 7.5 (free cells) 8.0 (immobilized cells), temperature 40 °C, cells 2 mg dcm ml −1 reaction mixture and benzonitrile (4% v/v) in 4 h (free cells). The effect of temperature on the stability of nitrilase was studied and cells retained 100% activity at 30 °C and lost 50% activity at 40 °C. In a fed batch mode of reaction 108 and 84 gl −1 benzoic acid was produced using free and agar entrapped cells (2 g dcm). The agar immobilized cells were recycled up to three times and 80, 62, 20 gl −1 benzoic acid was again produced respectively in each of three cycles and a total 244 g benzoic acid was produced by recycling the same mass of immobilized biocatalyst.

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