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  • 1 Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-2163 Vácrátót, Alkotmány u. 2–4, Hungary
  • 2 Centre for Plant Diversity, H-2766 Tápiószele, Külsőmező 15, Hungary
  • 3 Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, H-1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 6–12, Hungary
  • 4 Eötvös Loránd University, H-1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1–3, Hungary
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Seed bank collections have multiple benefits: store genetic material for conservation and research, and their data can also provide valuable scientific information. The Pannon Seed Bank was established during an EU LIFE+ project between 2010 and 2014 with the target to collect and store seeds of approx. 50% of the wild native vascular flora of the Pannonian Biogeographic Region, seed accessions of at least 800 storable species. This task was fully achieved by the end of the project, as altogether 1,853 seed accessions of 910 species are stored. The aim of the present paper is to provide access to the collection data and metadata of the Pannon Seed Bank as it was completed by the end of the project. The collection campaign involved about 40 experts and covered the whole country. Collection and storing applied standard methodology, based on the ENSCONET project. The collection data published in this paper can be used manifold. Geographical data on species occurrences are major input for nature conservation and research. Seed collection date is valuable for ecological studies of phytophagous insects, frugivorous birds and mammals, etc. The database can be partner to international databases (like GBIF) or research infrastructures (e.g. LifeWatch). Hopefully, this data paper will contribute to further motivate the development of native seed collections and their use for conservation and research in Hungary.

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