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  • 1 Aligarh Muslim University Department of Botany Aligarh 202 002 India
  • 2 Aligarh Muslim University Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture Aligarh 202 002 India
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Eighteen isolates of fluorescent pseudomonads ad Bacillus spp. were isolated from the Meloidogyne incognita suppressive soils of tomato fields. These isolates were evaluated in the laboratory and green house for the biocontrol of M. incognita . Eight isolates were considered to have potential for the biocontrol of M. incognita on the basis of the antibiotic sensitivity, fluorescence produced by Pseudomonas , inhibitory effect on the hatching and penetration of M. incognita and root colonization of tomato root by these isolates. These 8 isolates (Pa22, Pf25, Pf27, Pa28, B22, B23, B27 and B28) were further tested for their biocontrol potential against M. incognita on tomato in a pot test. Out of 8 isolates, isolate B28 was the best in improving tomato growth of M. incognita inoculated plants. Isolate B28 also caused greater reductions in galling and multiplication of M. incognita on tomato while isolate Pa28 was found best in improving growth of plants without M. incognita .

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