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  • 2 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Department of Biochemistry, Centre for Plant Molecular Biology Coimbatore 641 003 Tamil Nadu India
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The tomato spotted wilt disease caused by tospoviruses in tomato is an important viral disease. Artificial screening of tomato wild species and cultivars for resistance to tospoviruses revealed the wild species Lycopersicon peruvianum to be resistant to tospovirus infection. The protein profile in L. peruvianum showed additional proteins of molecular sizes of 45kDa, 34kDa and 26kDa and an additional 55kDa protein was detected in L. pimpinellifolium . The peroxidase isozyme pattern was also found to be distinct in L. peruvianum . cDNAs of R genes coding for tospovirus resistance were isolated from the wild species, L. peruvianum (TNAU T). The partial cDNAs were cloned in the vector pTZ57R/T, sequenced and characterized. The tomato varieties, hybrid and wild species L. pimpinellifolium selected in this study were susceptible to tospovirus infection and did not show presence of R genes. Sequence analysis of the partial cDNAs corresponding to the R genes isolated from the wild species L. peruvianum showed considerable homology on the protein level with already available resistance proteins like late blight resistance protein, root knot nematode resistance protein, potato disease resistance protein, Hero protein confirming resistance against potato cyst nematode, and Prf protein confirming resistance against Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato . In the present study, R genes effective against tospoviruses were isolated and characterized from a wild species of tomato. These results have important impact in terms of transformation strategies to develop tospovirus resistant transgenic plants.

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