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  • 1 University of West-Hungary Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences P.O. Box 90 H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár Hungary
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The most dangerous pests of soy beans are mites and thrips, which is the reason why the present paper aims to examine the changes in their numbers and to investigate dominance relationships of them on some varieties of different maturity groups. In 1998–2000, small plot experiments were conducted atMosonmagyaróvár in the Kisalföld region with the following soybean varieties: early ripening ‘Bólyi 38’, ‘Evans’, ‘McCall’, middle ripening ‘Bólyi 45’ and late ripening ‘Eszter’, ‘Zsuzsanna’ and ‘Borza’. Mites and thrips were collected every week with a Berlese-extractor. It was observed that Thrips tabaci was the dominant thrips species on soybean leaves, but Frankliniella intonsa was dominant in the flowers. Only a few representatives of Anaphothrips obscurus and Thrips angusticeps were found. Among the predatory thrips Aeolothrips intermedius and Scolothrips longicornis were present in greater numbers. However, their number was not enough to reduce the number of phytophagous thrips. Besides the dominant T. tabaci larvae, Aeolothripidae formed a main group of larvae. The blooming of the soybean is the primary influence on the dynamics of phytophagous thrips. The peak-number of pests reached the highest level a week later and more thrips were counted on the late varieties as well. Early ripening soybean varieties are recommended to be grown in the Kisalföld region since they are less affected by thrips.

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