H. Ghahari Islamic Azad University Department of Plant Protection, Shahre Rey Branch Tehran Iran

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Species diversity of the family Formicidae is studied in some regions of Western Iran (Ilam, Kermanshah, Kurdistan and Lorestan provinces). In total 38 species and subspecies from 18 genera (Tapinoma Foerster, Camponotus Mayr, Cataglyphis Forster, Formica Linnaeus, Lasius Fabricius, Lepisiota Santschi, Aphaenogaster Mayr, Cardiocondyla Emery, Crematogaster Lund, Messor Forel, Monomorium Mayr, Myrmica Latreille, Pachycondyla Smith, Pheidole Westwood, Plagiolepis (Mayr), Solenopsis Westwood, Temnothorax Mayr, Tetramorium Mayr) and three subfamilies (Dolichoderinae, Formicinae, Myrmicinae) were collected from Western Iran.

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