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  • 1 Federal Agency of Scientific Organization, Institute str., 5, Bolshie Vyazemy, 143050, Russia
  • 2 Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Timiryazevskaya st. 49, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Orenburg State Agrarian University, Chelyuskintsev st. 18, Orenburg, Russia
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The paper presents the results of a long-term monitoring of bacterial diseases of wheat in the steppe zone of the Southern Ural. A clear domination of the genus Xanthomonas over the genus Pseudomonas has been revealed (60 and 11% of the total samples collected, respectively). The frequency of a winter wheat infection with these two pathogens exceeded that of the spring wheat. The field phytosanitary assessment resulted in the observation of the earlier unknown manifestation of the Xanthomonas infection called as tip bacteriosis.

The frequency of wheat infection with Xanthomonas sp. almost did not depend on the relief type, observation period, and sowing date, though the frequency of infection observed for the northern slope and lowland clearly exceeded those observed for other relief types. The frequency of infection with Pseudomonas sp. clearly depended on the sowing date and local relief type reaching the maximum at the lowlands (19–27%), so this relief type can be considered as a “signal” point for the early diagnostics of this pathogen.

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