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The article is intended to analyse the temporal and spatial structure unfolding in the book "My Sister - Life". The temporal structure of the book is built on the succession of the four seasons. The seasons - and at times the months as well - have well-defined meanings in Pasternak's poetic system. The temporal structure of the book follows the cyclical order of the calendar year, and the events of a "love story" represent a linear progress in time. Furthermore, in the artistic composition of the book another type of chronology can be revealed, which can be described with the Bergsonian category of internal time, durée. What is crucial and vital for the lyrical hero is the internal correspondence of experiences and phenomena, which interrupts the linear progress of the narrative, as opposed to the external, rational and linear order of things.   The spatial structure of the book can be analysed with the help of the voyage motif. Parallel with travelling in the external world a voyage takes place in the internal realm of the lyrical hero's creative memory. The category of time and space are inseparable, interwoven in the course of the voyage and the unfolding of memories. In other words, events that can originally be characterised in temporal terms occur and evolve in the external space, which can be regarded as a poetical reinterpretation of an archaic, mythological space-time model.

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