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This study reveals the complexity of the "The Dervish and Death" main character, Ahmed Nurudin through comparing him with characters from the novel "The Fortress". It emphjasises how different aspects of his personality, link one Dervish with completely different and often conflicting characters from "The Fortress". Given this fact one can conclude that the main structural difference between those two novels is the way Selimović presented absurdity and complexity of the world. In "The Fortress" Selimović presents this through variety of different and often conflicting characters. On the other hand in "The Dervish and Death" the absurdity and complexity of the world is shown as antagonism of the main character itself. Dialogs from "The Fortress" are mirrored in thinking, monologues and transformations of Ahmed Nurudin. Broadly accepted, "Dervish and Death" is primarily psychological novel while the Fotress" is more of an action novel.

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