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During the analysis of the protagonist's (namely, Sharik's and Sharikov's) way of speaking in Bulgakov's story Heart of a Dog, an abrupt contrast or even a complete oppositeness of the constituents becomes apparent. In its turn, this provides the base and evidence for this ultimate oppositeness of the protagonists in the story in general. Sharikov's speech is mainly characterized by the following features: 1) absence of skills of monological speech manifested by the violation of norms of constructing sentences and by the tendency towards using short and concise sentences, 2) violation of lexical and grammatical norms, 3) abundance in colloquialisms, 4) frequency of generalized and demagogic constructions, 5) presence of officialese and ideological clichés. It is Sharikov's speech and his way of speaking that enables the reader to make conclusions about his figure in general, and determine the most important characteristic features of his inner self which are as follows: 1) low cultural level, 2) aggressiveness and growing confidence in his own right, 3) belonging to the layer of uneducated, uncivilized and often declassed people.

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