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This article revisits the complex oeuvre of the Timurid historian Sharaf al-Dīn’ Alī Yazdī. Yazdī is most famous for two chronicles that he wrote: The Ẓafarnāma, which mainly includes a biography of Timur, and the Muqaddima, a work devoted mainly to the history of Chinggis Khan and his descendants. However, recent studies have demonstrated that Yazdī left behind three other historical works or parts thereof: the Dībācha, the Second Maqāla, and the fragments of the Fatḥnāma-yi Humāyūn found in the Dīvān-i Sharaf. In this article, I argue that Yazdī could not finish his historical project and all the extant works written by him are fragments of a larger historical project. I also attempt to shed light on how they are related to each other, and propose a tentative chronology for the composition of each fragment.