Gang Li Faculty of Humanities of Xinjiang University, Shengli Road 666 Tianshan District of Urumqi, Xinjiang, P.R.C., 830046
Ghent Center for Buddhist Studies, • Academia Turfanica, P.R.C., Belgium

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In this paper five new and unpublished fragments of a Buddhist sutra in Uighur script will be presented. According to our research, they belong to The Scripture of the Divine Spell of the Eight Yang of Heaven and Earth Spoken by the Buddha, i.e., säkiz yükmäkyaruq sudur (SYY) (Fo shuo tiandi bayang shenzhou jing 佛說天地八陽神咒經, T85n2897). The first three fragments (T2 a/b, T3, T4) from Turfan were discovered by our technicians during their protection work of the cultural relics section while they were classifying, cleaning and repairing other objects. Due to several reasons, these documents have not been numbered up to now. Advised by our technicians we have numbered them with the capital letter T. Two fragments (U1895 a/b and U1896 a/b)1 belong to the Turfan Collection of Berlin2. The paper mainly gives transcriptions, translations, and notes.

  • Bang, Willi, Annemarie von Gabain and Gabdul Rašid Rachmati 1934. Türkische Turfantexte. VI. Das buddhistische Sūtra Säkiz Yükmäk. [Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Phil. hist. Kl. 1934: 10.] Berlin: Verlag der Akademie der Wissenschaften. [Reprint in: Sprachwissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der deutschen TurfanForschung. Band 2. Leipzig: Zentralantiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, 1972, 190289].

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  • BT XXXIII = Oda (2015).

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  • Kara, Georg and Peter Zieme 1986. ‘Die uigurische Übersetzung des apokryphen Sūtras „Fo ding xin da tuo luo ni“.’ Altorientalische Forschungen 13/2: 318376.

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  • Oda, Juten 小田壽典 2015. A Study of the Buddhist Sūtra Called Säkiz Yükmäk Yaruq or Säkiz Törlügin Yarumïš Yaltrïmïš in Old Turkic. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers.

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  • Pchelin, Nikolai and Simone-Christiane Raschmann 2016. ‘Turfan Manuscripts in the State Hermitage—a Rediscovery.’ Written Monuments of the Orient 2/2: 343.

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  • Raschmann, Simone-Christiane 2012. Alttürkische Handschriften. Teil 18: Buddhica aus der Berliner Turfansammlung. Teil 1: Das apokryphe Sutra Säkiz Yükmäk Yaruk. Mit einem Appendix von Rischel, Anna-Grethe: Old Turkish Fragments from the Berlin Turfan Collection. Paper Analysis of 62 Manuscripts and Block Prints. [VOHD XIII, 26.] Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag.

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  • Zieme, Peter 2005. Magische Texte des uigurischen Buddhismus. [Berliner Turfantexte 23.] Turnhout: Brepols Publishers.

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