Hungarian Educational Research Journal


HERJ Hungarian Educational Research Journal is an academic journal focusing on actual ideas and themes in educational research. Its mission is to promote emerging researchers and established scholars in exchanging their results, views and opinions on education, educational policy and research. Working for this mission, HERJ represents a world-wide comparative view.

HERJ publishes thematic issues as well as discussion papers and book reviews four times a year (March, June, October, December). It welcomes initiations for new thematic issues as well as high quality theoretical and empirical studies. All papers submitted for publication will be double-blind peer-reviewed rigorously.

The content published before 2019 is available on the site of the previous publisher, Debrecen University Press (DUPress).


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Senior Editors

Founding Editor: Tamás Kozma

General Editor: Anikó Fehérvári

Assistant Editor: Laura Morvai

Associate Editors

Karolina Eszter Kovács
Valéria Markos
Zsolt Kristóf

Editorial Board

    • Tamas Bereczkei (University of Pécs)
      Mark Bray (University of Hong Kong)
      John Brennan (London School of Economics)
      Carmel Cefai (University of Malta)
      Laszlo Csernoch (University of Debrecen)
      Katalin R Forray (HERA Hungarian Educational Research Association)
      Zsolt Demetrovics (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)
      Csaba Jancsak (University of Szeged)
      Gabor Halasz (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)
      Stephen Heyneman (Vanderbilt University, Nashville)
      Katalin Keri (University of Pecs)
      Marek Kwiek (Poznan University)
      Joanna Madalinska-Michalak (University of Warszawa)
      John Morgan (Cardiff University)
      Roberto Moscati (University of Milan-Bicocca)
      Guy Neave (Twente University, Enschede)
      Andrea Ohidy (University of Freiburg)
      Bela Pukanszky (University of Szeged)
      Gabriella Pusztai (University of Debrecen)
      Peter Toth (HERA Hungarian Educational Research Association)
      Juergen Schriewer (Humboldt University, Berlin)
      Ulrich Teichler (University of Kassel)
      Voldemar Tomusk (Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tallin)
      Horst Weishaupt (DIPF German Institute for International Educational Research, Frankfurt a.M)
      Pavel Zgaga (University of Ljubljana)

Language: English
Founded in 2011
Publication Programme: Online Only 2020. Vol. 10.

Founder: Hungarian Educational Research Association
Address: H-1025 Budapest, Nagybányai út 56-58. III/3.
Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Address: H-1117 Budapest, Hungary 1516 Budapest, PO Box 245
Responsible publisher: Chief Executive Officer, Akadémiai Kiadó
ISSN 2064-2199 (Online)