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  • 1 Université Catholique Pázmány Péter, Institute de Philologie Classique H-2087 Piliscsaba, Egyetem u. 1
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The paper which focuses on a myth of Pythagorean origin transformed by Clement of Alexandria (Protr. 1, 1, 2: a cicada saves the lyric performance of Eunomos, which was in danger because of a broken string), and on a Pythagorean symbol treated in the Stromata (5, 5, 27: the cicada as the synonym of Logos) wants to emphasize the importance of the Pythagorism for him. Clement's views on music and harmony as principles of the cosmos, on kinship of the livings, on transmission of knowledge by symbols recall ideas generally associated with Pythagoras. The father attributes eminent role to Pythagoras among the Greeks having certain notions about God. His image of the Pythagorean “believer” contributes to the portrait of the real Gnostic.