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  • 1 Philipps-Universität, Seminar für Klassische Philologie D-35032 Marburg, Wilhelm Röpke Str. 6. Block D
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The focal point of the paper is the interpretation of the name and the figure of Libitina, the Roman goddess of the graveyard. It deals with the arguments of her Etruscan origin and finds them lacking in convincing evidence. Instead, the paper is undertaking to establish Libitina's ancient association with the Latin stem lib- (lub-) is right. The assertion that she belongs to a series of figures formed from the same Latin stem, as Lubia / Lubentia / Lubentina, proves to be correct and the creation of such series is to be seen as a usual procedure for 'Sondergötter'. Her secondary identification with Venus is not a misunderstanding, on the contrary, it is based on the general idea of humanity, that love and death are organically connected with each other. This is corroborated by many ancient and modern examples.