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  • 1 University of Cyprus Visiting Lecturer of Latin Philology Department of Classics and Philosophy 1, Eressou & Kallipoleos Street, First Floor P.O. Box 20537 CY-1678 Nicosia Cyprus
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This paper is concerned with the rape of young girls which is one of the main elements in Greco-Roman New Comedy equally used by Greek and Roman authors. It concentrates on Terence and examines where and when these sexual assaults against young girls happen, trying to show that place and (dramatic and real) time have actually considerable function and significance into the Terentian comedies. More specifically, place is always associated with the excuses which the assailant uses in order to justify his sexual assault and subsequent attitude towards the victim. Instead, time is related to the victim’s pregnancy that sets the violent act before the play’s action and legitimate the assault through marriage-children (i.e. dramatic time); and finally, it is always night (i.e. real time) that along with wine constitutes a strong incitement to sex, which is what adulescentes used to do this time within the conventions of Greco-Roman Comedy.