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  • 1 University of Primorska, Slovenia
  • 2 Regional Museum Ptuj-Ormož, Slovenia
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Traces of Mithraism in Slovenia are represented by a large number of Mithraea and finds of altars and stones carved with Mithraic symbols. Some of these have been systematically studied and are quite well-known, others are poorly documented and less known. This difference is largely a consequence of factors from antiquity, such as the social status of the dedicators of the monuments and the choice of the location.

Our contribution focuses on the location of these shrines in north-eastern Slovenia, especially at Drava Plain and Ager of Poetovio, one of the most important Mithraic centres. The questions we explore are: where and in what environment were Mithraea built; what is their relationship to other urban structures, traffic routes, natural resources and topography; and what role do they have in their setting within provincial and city boundaries.

The results of our analysis show the heterogeneity of responses to these questions and, consequently, the vitality of the cult of Mithras in the study area.

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