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  • 1 Sede delle Scienze delle Lettere dell’Accademia Ungherese delle Scienze, Úri utca 49, H-1014 Budapest, Ungheria
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During the last years, the excavation mostly focused on the SE part of the villa. This territory was inhabited or even densely built in all through the existence of the villa. We could more precisely determine the chronology and periodisation of the entire site, which also included the publication and evaluation of the complete coin material of the site.

In the second part of the study, we examine a building of the villa that has been known for decades without being able to determine its function and role. We have already published its details and 3D reconstruction but it has not provoked substantial reaction. Its shape, structure and position within the villa complex and its wider geographical environment suggest that it could be a cold storage, an ice house. This type of building is barely known until the Modern Period. The shape of this building is not typical since was constructed with a different purpose and was only later modified to fit this function. The subterranean part of its structure afforded the observation of minute details. In this study we intend to present our hypothesis.