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  • 1 MTA Geodéziai és Geofizikai Kutatóintézete Csatkai u. 6–8. HU–9400 Sopron
  • 2 Institute of Bioanalysis University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine Szigeti str. 12, 7624 Pécs, Hungary
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In the area of the typical 3D Békés basin ("graben") high anisotropy (difference) appears in the extreme values of the magnetotelluric impedance phases in the period interval corresponding to the indication of the conductive asthenosphere. As proved by the forward 2D/3D modelling, this anisotropy can only be explained by a strong 2D effect. This fact may conform the validity of the results of the 2D inversion of PGT1 magnetotelluric data indicating the upwelling of the asthenosphere below the Békés basin.