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  • 1 Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Csatkai E. u. 6-8. H-9400 Sopron
  • 2 2Collaborative Research Center (SFB 350), University of Bonn Section of Applied Geophysics, Geological Institute Nussallee 8 D-53115 Bonn
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The investigation of the coupling between building and ground motions is of great importance because the results contribute to the planning of stable, motionproof constructions and to forecast of damages. For monitoring ground and building motions the TV tower in Sopron, Hungary was chosen. Two borehole tiltmeters, Applied Geomechanics Inc., model 722A were used for continuous and short-term high frequency tilt measurements. One of the instruments was installed on the concrete basement of the TV tower and the other in a borehole drilled at a distance of about 90 m beside the tower. This paper presents continuous data series of a length of more than one year, high frequency tilt measurements with sampling rates of up to 10 Hz and discusses the first experiences of the observations.

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