E. Turai University of Miskolc Department of Geophysics H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros Hungary

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The paper presents field results of the data processing method developments based on approximate TAU-transform of the Time-Domain IP (Induced Polarization) curves. The theoretical basis of these developments was published in Part I by Turai and Dobróka (2011).Two ways for estimation of the type and the value of soil contaminations will be introduced. On first way the calculation of contamination type comes from the time constant value of the time constant spectra. The value estimation of the soil contamination is based on the Weighted Amplitude Value (WAV) of the time constant spectra. On second way we define the corrected apparent conductivity of the contaminated material (σcorr) as a product of time-constant spectrum and measured apparent conductivity. The σcorr parameter is useful for classification of contamination level.These methods were tested over several contaminated area (Offheim — 1992, Nyékládháza — 1997–2008, Ráckeve — 1997, Kecskemét — 1997, Győröcske — 1999, Pásztó — 2000, Tokaj — 2001, Balmazújváros — 2002, Szerencs — 2004, Tiszapalkonya —2004, Berekböszörmény —2007, Nagytárkány —2008, Darvastó — 2008, Miskolc-Hejőpart — 2008, Tiszavasvári — 2008, Nagytétény — 2008, Miskolc-Bedő hegy — 2009, Telkibánya — 2010, Miskolc-Salakbánya — 2010, Miskolc-Gózon L. út — 2010 and Miskolctapolca-Várhegy — 2010).Some results from interpreting field data collected over waste sites and other contaminated areas are presented. The contamination level and the main components of the contaminating material are characterized based on the time-constant spectra.

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Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica
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