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Z. Ultmann Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Civil Eng., Department of Geodesy and Surveying POB 91 Budapest H-1521 Hungary

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All the elements of the Eötvös tensor can be measured by torsion balance, except the vertical gradient. The knowledge of the real value of the vertical gradient is more and more important in gravimetry and geodesy.Determination of the 3D gravity potential W(x, y, z) can be produced by inversion reconstruction based on each of the gravity data Wz(= g) measured by gravimeters and gravity gradients Wzx, Wzy, WΔ, Wxy measured by torsion balance. Besides vertical gradients Wzz measured directly by gravimeters have to be used as reference values at some points. First derivatives of the potential Wx, Wy (can be derived from the components of deflection of the vertical) may be useful for the joint inversion, too. Determination of the potential function has a great importance, because all components of the gravity vector and the elements of the full Eötvös tensor can be derived from it as the first and the second derivatives of this function. The second derivatives of the potential function give the elements of the full Eötvöstensor including the vertical gradients, and all these elements can be determined not only in the torsion balance stations, but anywhere in the surroundings of these points.Test computations were performed at the characteristic region of a Hungarian plate area at the south part of the Csepel Island where torsion balance and vertical gradient measurements are available. There were about 30 torsion balance, 21 gravity and 27 vertical gradient measurements in our test area. Only a part of the 27 vertical gradient values was used as initial data for the inversion and the remaining part of these points were used for controlling the computation.

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