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The memory of Sigismund of Luxembourg was celebrated in 1987 and 2006 resp. by ample exhibitions. Among other things all remains and all members of the Order of the Dragon Knights founded by him were recorded. On the basis of a passage of a poem however one more member can be added to those. In the Panegyric on the Venetian patrician Marcello written by Janus Pannonius between 1455 and 1458, he mentions Marcello's distinctions: The Crescent Order given him by René d'Anjou, some award of the French king and the Dragon Order bestowed on him by the King of Hungary. Marcello supported with enthusiasm René's aspirations to the throne of Naples and lined up also the poesy of the student poet of Ferrara, Janus Pannonius. When however the king of France, Charles VII, intervened in the internal war of Italy, he used as a means also his brother-in-law, René d'Anjou. Thus René found himself face to face on the battle-field with Marcello who was his fellowknight in the Dragon Order and faithful cicitzen of his fatherland, the Republic of Venice in one. In consequence of this situation Marcello got into a lasting inner conflict. As a memory of this can be understood the two large illustrations of the Strabo codex of 1459. According to the eyewitness Janus Pannonius Marcello wore the Dragon Order bestowed on him by the king of Hungary in accordance with the statutes.