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The on-going restoration works of the Făgăraș castle have revealed a carved stone measuring approximately 70×100 cm, which bears the fragment of the coat of arms of Gabriel Bethlen, prince of Transylvania between 1613 and 1629. By comparison with the stamps used by the prince one can date the heraldic composition quite accurately between 1618 and 1619. In the afore-mentioned period, written sources attest certain construction works for the enlargement of the residence within the fortress, in the area of the Red-tower. Late renaissance window frames, adorned with ornamental gables were fitted at the second floor of the western wing, erected by Gabriel Bethlen as well as at the same level of the southern wing, towards the loggia built by Balthasar Báthory (1561– 1594). The afore-mentioned, late medieval cylindrical tower had been heightened towards the end of the 16th century with octagonal storeys topped by an open platform with crenellated parapet. Under prince Gabriel Bethlen the platform was closed and transformed into a summer chamber for the prince. A stonemason from Cluj, Stephan Diószegi carved these frames, as well as the triple window frames of the Red-tower, in Cluj. He must have carved the recently found coat of arms as well, which was set aside presumably around 1639-1640, during the construction of the chapel at the first floor of the western wing.