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  • 1 Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Entomology Division Gazipur 1701 Bangladesh
  • 2 King Saud University Center of Excellence in Biotechnology Research Riyadh 11451 Saudi Arabia
  • 3 Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100049 China
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In order to breed rice cultivars for resistance to the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens Stål (BPH) in Bangladesh, were evaluated for resistance in greenhouse screening tests. Over a period of six years (2005–2010), 1,767 entries/cultivars were screened using the plant hopper screening (PHS) system. The results showed 87 donors possessing different levels of resistance to the BPH. One exotic cultivar was highly resistant to the BPH and 86 materials showed medium resistance (tolerance) to the BPH. The rest of the materials including germplasm, F2, exotic, IRBPHN (International Rice Brown Planthopper Nursery) and advanced lines were susceptible. Most of entries coming from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) via the IRBPHN were moderately resistant.

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