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  • 1 Laboratorio de Valoración de Calidad Industrial de Trigo, Facultad de Agronomía de Azul, UNCPBA, Av. República de Italia # 780. 7300 Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • | 2 Facultad de Agronomía de Azul, UNCPBA, Av. República de Italia # 780. 7300 Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Waterlogging stress frequently affects wheat production in the current conditions. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of waterlogging during grain filling on grain yield components, nitrogen uptake and partitioning and gluten composition and quality in bread wheat. Two greenhouse experiments were conducted under contrasting environmental conditions in Azul, Buenos Aires, in a completely randomized design with three replicates. The cultivar chosen was Klein León and the waterlogging treatment was imposed from 5 days after anthesis to maturity. The effects of waterlogging during grain filling in wheat depended on explored environmental conditions: early sowing vs. late sowing. Waterlogging had not significant effects on the most variables at early sowing conditions. However, the delaying in sowing date (higher temperature and radiation) enhance the effects of waterlogging: i) reducing grain weight by 41% and total nitrogen uptake by 51%; ii) reducing the ratio between the contents of high and low molecular weight glutenin subunits, affecting gluten composition; and iii) increasing the sodium dodecyl sulfate test from 79 to 108 mm, which correlates positively with the gluten strength. Reductions in grain weight due to waterlogging during grain filling affect the milling quality, although changes in protein composition may increase or maintain the gluten strength (SDSS) under particular conditions.

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