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  • 1 University of Ibadan, Department of Sociology Ibadan, Nigeria
  • 2 University of Ibadan, Department of Sociology Ibadan, Nigeria
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Since the incorporation of the Nigerian economy into the World Capitalist System, the indigenous social structure was fundamentally restructured. This restructuring was (and is still) affecting the family institution in its performance of the most important task of youth socialization leading to cases of what have been described as child abuse, urban violence, working children and, even, sexually deteriorating/ transmitted infections as a result of irresponsible sexual behavior among the youth. If the situation persists, what are the implications for the future of the individual youth and the family? How can the transition being experienced by the family be controlled to positively influence the future of the youth and, by implication, the society as a whole? This paper attempts to provide answers to these questions.

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