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The Hungarian Journal of Surgery is the professional-scientific journal of the more than 100-year-old Hungarian Surgical Society. Its main purpose is to publish Hungarian surgical contributions, nevertheless, it also provides forum for the representatives of joint professions such as cardiosurgery, vein surgery, chest surgery, paediatric critical care, plastic and reparation surgery.

The journal regularly brings out the news, congressional notices and summaries of the Hungarian Surgical Society, as well as the viewpoints of the Professional Board of Surgery.

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Senior editors

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Oláh, Attila

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Acsády, György
  • Dr. Bálint, András
  • Dr. Bátorfi, József
  • Dr. Boros, Mihály
  • Dr. Bursics, Attila
  • Dr. Damjanich, László
  • Dr. Gál, István
  • Dr. Gulyás, Gusztáv
  • Dr. Harsányi, László
  • Dr. Horváth, Örs Péter
  • Dr. István, Gábor
  • Dr. Jakab, Ferenc
  • Dr. Kecskés, László
  • Dr. Kupcsulik, Péter
  • Dr. Lázár, György
  • Dr. Lestár, Béla
  • Dr. Metzger, Péter
  • Dr. Molnár, F. Tamás
  • Dr. Nagy, Attila
  • Dr. Oláh, Tibor
  • Dr. Ondrejka, Pál
  • Dr. Romics, László, Jr.
  • Dr. Verebély, Tibor
  • Dr. Vereczkei, András

Petz Aladár County Teaching Hospital, Surgery
Vasvári Pál út 2. H-9024 Győr, Hungary
Phone: +36 96 503 320 --- Fax: +36 96 507 936

Language: Papers in Hungarian with abstracts in English

Founded in 1947
Size: B5
Publication: One volume of four issues annually
Publication Programme: 2020. Vol. 73.

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