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  • 1 Faculty of Sciences Nuclear Physics Laboratory Rabat Morocco
  • | 2 Rudjer Bošković Institute POB 1016 41001 Zagreb Yugoslavia
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The yield and average cross section for the reactions11B(p, n)11C,12C(p, )13N,13C(p, n)13N, 1212 C(d, n)13N,14N(p, )11C,16O(p, )13N,16O(d, n)17F,16O(t, n)18F, and18O(p, n)18F have been measured in different compounds. The charged particles were created in the samples themselves either through recoil by scattering of 14 MeV neutrons off hydrogen and deuterium, or by the (n, t) reaction on6Li using thermal neutrons. The yields of reactions12C(d, n);16O(p, );16O(t, n) and18O(p, n) have been measured using proton, deuteron and triton spectra generated by 14 MeV neutrons in the reactions D(n, p)2n;6Li(n, d);7Li(n, d) and10B(n, d);7Li(n, t) and10B(n, t), respectively.