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  • 1 Banaras Hindu University Nuclear and Radiochemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry 221 005 Varanasi India
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The chemical effects of56Mn-recoils following neutron capture produced in mixed crystals /KMnO4–LiClO4, KMnO4–NaClO4 and KMnO4–KClO4/ have been investigated. A linear increase of initial retention with the mol fraction of perchlorate was observed which is tentatively ascribed to the tendency to form species having structures similar to that of the host matrix. The ultimate chemical fate of the manganese atom also depends on the conditions of the immediate chemical environment of the atoms /e.g. Li, Na, K/ at rest in the crystal. The results are discussed in terms of retention and non-retention reactions invoking a mechanistic model involving metal and ligand-vacancy exchange, substitution and transfer reactions.