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  • 1 Rijksuniversiteit Gent Institute for Nuclear Sciences Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
  • | 2 Senior Research Associate of the National Fund for Scientific Research (Belgium)
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Cadmium, thallium and lead are determined in environmental samples using the111,112,113Cd(p,xn)111In,203Tl(p,3n)201Pb and206,207,208Pb(p,xn)206Bi reactions.111In.201Pb and206Bi are chemically separated by anion exchange and anodic deposition of lead(IV). oxide. Detection limits are 6, 44 and 25 ng/g for cadmium, thallium and lead, respectively. The results obtained for certified reference materials are in good agreement with the certified values.