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  • 1 State University Institute for Nuclear Sciences Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent Belgium
  • | 2 Central Research Institute for Physics P. O. Box 49 H-1525 114 Budapest Hungary
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The present paper deals with the accuracy and applicability of the k0-standardization technique in NAA. Topics included are: user-oriented outline of the method, relevant nuclear data (k0, Q0, tc.), the non-1/E epithermal flux distribution, small detector separations and/or extended source geometries, (n, ) reactions with a Westcott-g1, primary interferences, subsequent (interrupted) irradiations, the non-constancy of the neutron flux during irradiation, and a final account of the accuracy. Although the paper is written in terms of the k0-methodology, a good deal of the considerations can be transferred to most types of single-comparator standardization.