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In order to establish more accurate nuclear data for the zirconium isotopes94Zr and96Zr, joint experimental work has been conducted in three different reactor types. After carefully calibrating the neutron spectra in the irradiation channels used, nuclear constants k0 and Q0 were remeasured and found to be The relevant effective resonance energies
\documentclass{aastex} \usepackage{amsbsy} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{bm} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \usepackage{pifont} \usepackage{stmaryrd} \usepackage{textcomp} \usepackage{upgreek} \usepackage{portland,xspace} \usepackage{amsmath,amsxtra} \pagestyle{empty} \DeclareMathSizes{10}{9}{7}{6} \begin{document} $$\bar E_r$$ \end{document}
have been recalculated using the latest BNL neutron resonance parameters yielding
\documentclass{aastex} \usepackage{amsbsy} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{bm} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \usepackage{pifont} \usepackage{stmaryrd} \usepackage{textcomp} \usepackage{upgreek} \usepackage{portland,xspace} \usepackage{amsmath,amsxtra} \pagestyle{empty} \DeclareMathSizes{10}{9}{7}{6} \begin{document} $$\bar E_r (^{94} Zr) = 6260 eV ( \pm 4\% ) and \bar E_r (^{96} Zr) = 338 eV ( \pm 2\% )$$ \end{document}
. The epithermal neutron shielding factor Ge has been experimentally determined as a function of foil thickness. The results gave Ge(94Zr)=0.983 (±0.3%) and Ge(96Zr)=0.973 (±0.4%) for the most frequently used 0.125 mm foil thickness. Finally the half life of the97Zr isotope has also been remeasured to give T1/2(97Zr)=16.744±0.011 h with 1 limit.