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  • 1 Academia Sinica Institute of High Energy Physics P.O. Box 2732 Beijing (China)
  • 2 First Institute of Oceanography National Bureau of Oceanography (China)
  • 3 Academia Sinica Institute of Geochemistry Guiyang (China)
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Chemical elemental compositions of some silicate, magnetic and glass spherules were investigated with INAA. The elements determined include Os, Ir, Ni, Co, Fe, Cr, Au, La, Ce, Sm, Eu, Yb, Lu and Sc etc. The elemental correlation, as well as their enrichment (or depletion) factors relative to Cl chondrite were examined. The high concentrations of the refractory siderophile elements contained in these spherules support the proposal that they originate from extraterrestrial substances. Some useful chemical criteria for identifying the sources of silicate, magnetic and glass spherules are put forward.