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  • 1 Academia Sinica Institute of High Energy Physics P.O. Box 2732 Beijing (China)
  • 2 Academia Sinica Beijing Astronomical Observatory (China)
  • 3 National Seismology Bureau Institute of Geology (China)
  • 4 Academia Sinica Institute of Geology Beijing (China)
  • 5 Ministry of Geology and Minerals Institute of Geology Beijing (China)
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The concentrations of 14 elements, including Ir, Au, Co, Cr, Fe, Sr, Rb, K, Ta, Zn, Sb, Ba, Sc and Se, in the Wuxi fallen ice were determined by neutron activation analysis. The experimental results show that the relative concentration ratios of Ir/Co, Ir/Cr and Ir/Sc etc. in the ice water (0.0069, 0.00024 and 0.11, respectively) are quite close to those of Type C1 chondrite (0.0102, 0.00021 and 0.092, respectively), which implies that the fallen ice might be a piece of extraterrestrial substance.