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  • 1 Boris Kidrič Institute of Nuclear Science Vinča Beograd (Yugoslavia)
  • 2 Insittute of Yugoslave Railway Beograd (Yugoslavia)
  • 3 C/H Center “Dr. Dragiša Mišović” Beograd (Yugoslavia)
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In this paper are presented the results of statistical vertification and evaluation of the CE (content of element) and D (distribution coefficient) parameters of Cr, Fe, Co, Zn, Sb and Sc in HCM-diagnostic series (N, CCh, CU, AT and ACa) by statistical treatments (SRCC, F and T testing, regression analysis). The following data have been determined: recirocal dependence (D parameters) of pairs of contents of elements CCr/CCo, CFe/CCo, CCr/CFe, CSc/CoFe, CSc/CCr and CSc/CCo on different LS (1.5 and 10%) by SRCC testing; dependence of CE parameters for Sc, Co and Sb in all diagnostic groups on different LS-F-testing; reciprocal dependence of CE parameters for some of the elements found (Sc, Co, Sb) in HCM DS on different LS-T-testing, and depedence of CE=F (CE¨') functions for some pairs of elements found in all DG with R2 MAX>0.8. Regression analysis type functions: Pow, POLYP and POLYC. These investigations indicate the possiblities of CE and D parameter application for specific numerical diagnosis (Medical Elementology).