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  • 1 Tohoku University Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science 980 Sendai Japan
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Extraction behaviour of lanthanoid/III/ has been investigated by using 18-crown-6/CR/ as a neutral microcyclic ligand, trichloroacetate/TCA/ as an anionic counter ion, and 1,2-dichloroethane as an organic solvent. From the equilibrium studies, the extractable complex such as LnCR3+ was found for La/III/, Ce/III/, Pr/III/, Nd/III/, Sm/III/, and Eu/III/ and also the formation of Ln/CR/ 23+ complexes was suggested for Tb/III/, Tm/III/, and Lu/III/. The extractability of lanthanoid/III/ steeply decreased with increase in the atomic number. This order of extractability was a reverse trend compared with that in many other extraction systems reported so far. Very high separation factors especially among light lanthanoid/III/ were observed.