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  • 1 Utkal University Department of Chemistry Vani Vihar 751 004 Bhubaneswar India
  • 2 USSR. Academy of Sciences Radiochemistry Laboratory, Vernadsky Institute Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry Moscow
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Solvent extraction of thorium/IV/ by a commercially available chelating extractant LIX-54 /a -diketone derivative/ /HA/ and its mixtures with tri-n-butyl phosphate /TBP/, thenoyltrifluoroacetone /HTTA/ and tri-n-octyl phosphineoxide /TOPO/ in benzene as the diluent have been studied. Quantitative extraction of thorium/IV/ by the mixture of 10% LIX-54 and 0.1M TOPO was noticed at pH 2.8. Influence of various concentrations of HTTA and TOPO in their mixtures with LIX-54 on the extraction of the same metal ion has been investigated and pronounced synergism was observed. Slope analyses determination shows the extracted species to be possibly of the type [Th/TTA/2/A/2] in case of extraction by mixtures of HTTA and LIX-54. Slopes of the linear plots were computed employing regression analysis, and variance in results has been shown.