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  • 1 Rijksuniversiteit Gent Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Institute for Nuclear Sciences Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent Belgium
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A remote controlled system is described for the production of [2-11C] isopropyl iodide. The synthesis involves carbonation of methyl lithium with11CO2 followed by reduction with lithium aluminum hydride, hydrolysis and iodination with hydroiodic acid. The purification is performed by preparative gaschromatography on a Chromosorb 102-Porapak Q column. For a 30 min irradiation at 15 A beam intensity the method yields about 300 mCi /11 GBq/ of radiochemically and chemically pure [2-11C] isopropyl iodide with a specific activity of 210 to 250 mCi. mol–1 at the end of synthesis /EOB+25 min/. The remote controlled unit is also useful for the production of other alkyl iodides, acetone and acetic acid, labelled with11C.