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  • 1 Savannah State College Department of Chemistry Savannah Georgia (USA)
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The solubility products and thermodynamic functions for the praseodymium and ytterbium fluoride-water systems have been measured using different analytical techniques for comparison among the measured values as well as with values reported in literature. Although there is not much difference among our values obtained by potentiometric, conductometric and radiometric methods, the values for PrF3 disagree with at least two of the reported values. The effects of precipitant, aging of the precipitate and pH of the saturated solutions on the solubility product were studied and found to be significant. The standard enthalpy and free energy changes for the dissolution of both fluorides were found to be positive although the enthalpy for YbF3 is about twice as high as that for PrF3. The standard entropy change for PrF3 is negative, but that for YbF3 is positive. The overall stability constants for the mono- and difluoride complexes of both Pr and Yb have also been measured potentiometrically using a simplified approach.