Authors: E. Uwah 1 and C. Udeh 1
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  • 1 Nigerian Defence Academy Department of Physics Kabuna (Nigeria)
  • | 2 University of Calabar Department of Physics Calabar Nigeria
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Ash contents of some coal samples from Enugu mines in Nigeria were measured using gamma-ray irradiation technique. The method employed gamma-ray energies of 0.060, 0.662 and 1.33 MeV of241Am,137Cs and60Co, respectively, and a counting system with a scintillation detector, to obtain empirical relationships between the conventionally determined ash content and the measured gamma-attenuation coefficient in the sample. The sensitivity of the method was observed to decrease drastically with increase in ash content above 35% ash, and with increase in energy of the gamma-ray. Further analyses showed that the error in the ash content determination was due to iron content which was not constant, but increased with ash content, with vidth variation above a mean value of ±0.64% Fe2O3.