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  • 1 Joint Research Centre, Ispra Establishment Commision of the European Communities, Radiochemistry 21020 Ispra (Va) (Italy)
  • | 2 Joint Research Centre, Ispra Establishment Functional Materials Division 21020 Ispra (Va) (Italy)
  • | 3 University of Milan Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Milan (Italy)
  • | 4 Academy Science Institute of Atomic Energy Beijing (China)
  • | 5 University of Pavia CNR, Centre for Radiochemistry and Activation Analysis (Italy)
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No-carrier-added48V at 37 Mbq (mCi) levels was produced at the JRC-Ispra cyclotron by (, n) reactions on a scandium target and used to label environmental and physiological levels of vanadium for metallobiochemical investigations. The radiochemical separation of48V from Sc is very simple and rapid and involves a single chromatographic step after fast dissolution of the bombarded target. The yield of the separation and the radioisotopic purity of the separated48V were nearly 100% A summary of the main results concerning different metabolic investigations on rats including absorption, retention, transfer of48V from mothers to newborns, binding with enzymes as well as uptake by cell culture system is reported.