Author: B. Stewart 1
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  • 1 Arizona State University Radiation Measurements Facility 85287-5706 Tempe AZ USA
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A previous paper reported the application of a method for determining226Ra by -spectroscopy. This paper presents important improvements which permit the determination of226Ra in the presence of large amounts of Ca. The method was applied to the analysis of226Ra and U isotopes in fish samples from the waters of the Grand Canyon.226Ra ranged from 0.05 Bq kg–1 /1.4 pCi kg–1/ to 0.17 Bq k–1 /4.7 pCi kg–1/.238U values ranged from 0.13 Bq kg–1 /3.5 pCi kg–1/ to 0.52 Bq kg–1 /14 pCi kg–1/ and234U values were between 0.23 Bq kg–1 /6.2 pCi kg–1/ and 12 Bq kg–1/ /326. pCi kg–1/.