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  • 1 University of Illinois Department of Nuclear Engineering, 214 Nuclear Engineering Laboratory 103 S. Goodwin 61801 Urbana Illinois USA
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The non-destructive methods of thermal and epithermal neutron activation analysis have been employed to determine the aluminum concentration of seven National Institute of Standards and Technology certified biological reference materials. Through the judicious use of both thermal and epithermal neutron activation analysis using bare and boron-lined irradiation carriers, the major and minor contributions of the31P/n, /28Al and of the28Si/n, p/28Al reactions, respectively, to the27Al/n, /28Al reaction could be corrected for explicitly. Based on replicate determinations precision of the analysis ranged from 2.5% for citrus leaves determined at the 75 ppm level to 18% for bovine liver measured at the 1 ppm level. Accuracy was demonstrated whenever possible by comparison to existing published data.