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  • 1 Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica Departamento Química de Reactores Av. del Libertador 8250 1429 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
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The specific effect due to Gd3+ ion on the radiolysis of aqueous nitrate solutions was determined by measurement of H2, H2O2 and NO 2 radiolytic yields produced by gamma-irradiation of aerated and deaerated solutions of gadolinium, sodium and calcium nitrates in the concentration range of 10–5 to 0.3M. Important O2 consumption in aerated and O2 evolution in deaerated Gd(NO3)2 solutions was found by radiolysis in comparison with the inert cations nitrates. In the former the Gd3+ ion generates an O2 transporter producing an increase in the H2O2 yield and a decrease in the NO 2 yield, while in the latter it enhances the H2 and NO 2 production with respect to the same nitrate concentration of the Na+ solutions.