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  • 1 MS G740 Los Alamos National Laboratory Chemical and Laser Sciences Division 87545 Los Alamos NM USA
  • 2 University of New Mexico Department of Chemistry 87131 albuquerque NM USA
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The uranium spectrophotometric measurement using the uranylnitrate-quaternaryamine solvent extraction method is investigated to identify factors that affect precision and accuracy of the uranium determination. The inherent spectrophotometric precision was measured with neutral density filters in the sample light path and was found to be <0.1% relative standard deviation (RSD). Under selected experimental conditions, temperature instability has a –0.02% effect on the extraction, and a –0.4% effect on the absorbance of the uranium extract in 2-nitropropane (2-NP) or methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) solvents. Under optimum conditions at the 10 mg uranium level, RSDs of 0.1% resulted.