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  • 1 Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute Kumatori-cho 590-04 Sennan-gun, Osaka Japan
  • | 2 Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health 537 Osaka Japan
  • | 3 Kyoto Prefectural University 606 Kyoto Japan
  • | 4 Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University 930-04 Toyama Japan
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To investigate the present situation of inhabitants living in the cadmium polluted area of Toyama Prefecture of Japan, 95 hair samples were analyzed by neutron activation method. The median and the geometric standard deviation were determined from a cumulative frequency distribution curve of the elemental concentrations for each of 3 groups: male, female without perm and female with perm which were divided furthermore by two age ranges: 20 age<50 and 50 age. These concentrations were compared with those in some organs and urine reported.